It's easy to enroll

Simply log onto Internet Banking, then click "Profile". Scroll down to Electronic Statements, click "edit", and follow the instructions to enroll. Once enrolled, you will start receiving your statements online. You'll never go back to paper statements again!



If you have not signed up for Internet Banking click here.

  • They're secure. We fully protect our online services with maximum encryption and firewalls. And, by having your statements delivered online, you reduce the risk of identity theft.
  • They're timely. As soon as your statement is generated, you're notified that it's ready. No more waiting for "snail mail."
  • They're online. With a couple clicks of your mouse, your statements become readily available. It's that simple.
  • They're paperless. Less paper helps the environment, plus it helps you avoid mountains of paperwork.
  • They're free. You have nothing to lose, but instead, you gain convenience, timeliness, and security.


Q. What are eStatements?

A. eStatements contain the same information as paper statements you receive in the mail, but you access them online instead. We will email you a reminder that your complete monthly statement is ready to view securely online.

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Q. Are eStatements secure?

A. At First National Bank we are committed to protecting your personal information. Your information is protected with the latest security features and requires an Access ID and Password that only you know. FNB uses 128-bit encryption security.

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Q. Do I have to sign up for Internet Banking in order to have access to eStatements?

A. Yes, you must be an Internet Banking customer to access eStatements. Signing up for Internet Banking is fast, easy, secure, and free. To sign up for Internet Banking click here. If you need assistance while signing up contact us at (419) 629-2761.

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Q. Will I continue to receive my printed statement in the mail if I sign up for eStatements?

A. No, once you have signed up for eStatements you will no longer receive your paper statements in the mail.

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Q. What accounts are available via eStatements?

A. eStatements are available for checking, saving, HSA, and money market accounts.

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Q. Is there a cost associated with receiving eStatements?

A. No, eStatements are Free!

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Q. Is special software required to view my eStatements online?

A. Yes, your eStatements will come in PDF format, so you will need a free program called Adobe Reader® in order to view your statement. If you do not already have Adobe Reader®, you may download a free copy by clicking on the Adobe® image below

 Get Adobe Reader (Downloads Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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Q. What should I do if I am unable to download my eStatement?

A. If you are unable to download your eStatement please verify you have the latest version of Adobe Reader®. If you are still having problems please contact us at (419) 629-2761 or

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Q. What should I do if I do not receive my eStatement notification?

A. If you have not received an email notification that your statement is available, first check your junk box. If it is not in your junk box, then the e-mail address on file may not be current. Please go to the Profile link in Online Banking, and choose "Edit" under the Email section and update if necessary. If your email address is correct and you are still not receiving your eStatement notification, call us at (419) 629-2761 or email

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Q. How do I change the email address to which my eStatement notifications are sent?

A. To change your email address, log into Internet Banking and click on the Options tab. Then, chose "Edit" under the Email section.

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Q. How long will my account history be viewable?

A. Your statements will be available for 24 months online. If you would like to keep them longer, you may print your statements or save them to your computer's hard drive.

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Q. What if I sign up for eStatements and Notices and then decide I would like to receive paper statements again?

A. You may withdraw your consent to receive eStatements anytime by calling us at (419) 629-2761. Please remember that if you withdraw your consent you are required to receive your statements via the US Postal Service.

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