Why not put your money to work for you?

First National has a great savings account that offers a higher return than a traditional savings account. The account is designed for the individual or business that has the ability to save a higher dollar amount and wants to be rewarded with a higher yield. It also gives you the ability to withdraw your money anytime you need it without a penalty. With our Money Market Savings Account, your money earns the interest of an investment without getting tied down.

The features of this account include:

  • For individuals & businesses that keep higher balances
  • Flexibility to move money in and out of the account
  • Tiered rates based on balance
  • Minimum balance needed to avoid a fee is $2,500.00
  • Monthly fee if you drop below minimum balance is $25.00
  • Higher interest rates than a traditional savings account
  • No per item fee for less than 6 withdrawals

Come see us at First National Bank about starting your own Money Market Savings Account today and start having your money work for you.

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